“You’re Gonna Have to Work to Pass This Jen-Ed, and that’s Jen-Ed with a ‘J’!”: Shannon in the Woods, The Nuns of Saint Croix, and the Medieval Roots of the Housewives with Dr. Jennifer Edwards

In which the Historians learn about the many connections between Medieval Europe and Bravo including the similarities between Roman sumptuary laws and the Housewives, comparisons between Erika Jayne’s glam squad and Lancelot preparing for battle, why a chair spread disease, the ways that a Thuringian princess and Frankish queen, Saint Radegund, was like LVP, Jill Zarin, Karen Huger and other matriarchs from the Bravo Housewife franchises, Bravo News launches with court reporter Dr. Jen Edwards down in South Carolina, and much much more!


Photo courtesy of Manhattan College

Episode 5: “Some People Think I’m Mean, F—- Them”: Peter Pan Syndrome, Extended Adolescence, and Comparatives in Toxic Masculinity w/ Dr. Emily Ryalls

In which the Historians compare the men of Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm, the privilege of extended adolescence, toxic masculinity, Bullying, feminist and LGBTQ+ representations on Bravo, Reiki therapy, guess “Who ‘Probably’ Did It,” the importance of female friendships to the project of feminism, and much much more! 

Photo courtesy of California Polytechnic State University

Photo courtesy of California Polytechnic State University

Episode 4: “When in Doubt, Take a Page from One of My Books”: #HonH Year Zero, Book Publishing, and the Apology Economy w/ Dawn Durante

In which the Historians talk about the #HonH origin story, conferences, speculate about who isn’t Andy Cohen’s favorite housewife, the Suffrage Centennial, learn about what goes into making books, gab about Housewives’ product lines, and Dawn educates the Historians about the Housewives’ “apology economy.”


Image Courtesy of Dawn Durante

Episode 3: “I’ve Got a Ph.D. in Shade and Tea”: Creating Community, the Politics of Party Planning, and the Eco-Systems of Fashion w/ Dr. Tanisha C. Ford

In which the Historians interview Dr. Tanisha C. Ford about the parallels between Karen Hueger and Molly Moon, the role of fashion in creating community and Project Runway, the politics of hosting parties, why clothes are so important to everyone’s day-to-day lives, why Million Dollar Listing LA is better than Million Dollar Listing New York, the eco-system of fashion, and much much more!

Image courtesy of tanishacford.com

Image courtesy of tanishacford.com

Episode 2: "Don't Start None, There Won't Be None": Gentrification, Segregation, and RHOP w/ Dr. Tikia K. Hamilton

This episode the Historians on Housewives are joined by Tikia K. Hamilton to discuss her work on the history of school segregation in D.C., play Historians Hot Take: Lightning Round, explore the politics on RHOA and RHOP, and speculate about why Kim Fields produced a bounty hunters’ funeral.

Tikia K. Hamilton, Image Courtesy of the History Department, Princeton University

Tikia K. Hamilton, Image Courtesy of the History Department, Princeton University